Name: Alfred Gerald Caplin (Al Capp *).
Personal dates: Born 1909 in Connecticut, USA. Died 1979 in Massachusetts, USA.
Other creations
: None.
: None.
: * In the start Caplin used Al G. Capp as his signature.



The series premiered in 1934. Stopped in 1977.

This is the continuing, satirical story of hillbillies living in the county of Dogpatch somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains. Some of the inhabitants are scoundrels and thieves, some are too lazy to work, most are dumber than dumb.
Caplin managed to establish an impressive gallery of odd characters who in some way commented on his view on American life and politics. The forerunner is Abner, a hulking and naive man-child, who constantly gets entangled in all sorts of events and adventures, and much of his time is used to tear the beautiful and lovesick Daisy Mae out of his hair.
The series' very first strip invites the reader into the unique atmosphere and spirit of what was to come. The text reads: The simple home of the Yokums, nestling high in the hills of the South! - And there are no simpler hill billies in all them hills than Mammy and Pappy Yokum! - And here is Li'l Abner, only 19 years old and six foot three in his stockinged feet, if he wore stockings.




Abner Yokum
Naive hick

'Pappy' Lucifer Ornamental Yokum

'Mammy' Pansy Yokum, born Hunks

Daisy Mae Scraggs
Lovesick bombshell